Trucking Transportation/Federal Motor Carrier Act

Trucking Transportation/Federal Motor Carrier Act Efficient transporting of goods, equipment, and materials throughout the United States is an essential component of the economic engine in this country.  At Lasater & Martin,  our attorneys have extensive experience in advocating on behalf of transport companies and their drivers. Our attorneys understand the intricacies of the transport business and have successfully advocated on behalf of clients ranging from national conglomerates, to mom & pop companies not subject to federal regulation.

Having litigated and adjudicated a wide array of transport matters, Lasater & Martin’s attorneys are well equipped to assist transport companies in the creation of risk management protocols aimed at ensuring compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Act, as well as applicable federal and state regulations and statutes. Our attorney’s experience in transportation litigation is essential to helping our clients navigate potential risks through the development and implementation of client-specific policies and procedures.

Additionally, Lasater & Martin’s attorneys are very experienced in accident scene investigation and evidence collection and analysis. Whether on behalf of our transport company clients or our partner insurance carriers, our attorney rapid response teams can arrive on scene at a moment’s notice, with the knowledge and skills necessary to gather and safeguard witness statements, video surveillance, measurements, and other crucial evidence. Having the experience to properly document all aspects of an accident scene through notes, photographs and drone video footage, when applicable, ensures our clients are in the best position to negotiate pre-litigation claims. This same commitment to thorough documentation of an accident scene also ensures our client, the insurance carrier, and our attorneys have the tools and evidence in hand to successfully resolve cases that proceed to litigation.