Premises Liability

The effective defense of a premises liability claim requires legal counsel with experience in premises liability law and an understanding of the medicine relating to personal injuries. The attorneys at Lasater & Martin have extensive experience in the defense of property owners as well as the wide of array of injuries seen in premises liability cases, from minor strains to neurologic and traumatic brain injuries.

The Colorado Premises Liability Act provides the legal framework for one of the most common personal injury claims seen in the Colorado courts. While the Colorado Premises Liability Act was passed nearly 30 years ago, the law in this area is constantly evolving. The Colorado courts, the General Assembly, and attorneys for both claimants and property owners have been in a constant tension in redefining the duties of a landowner and the common law classes of invitee, licensee and trespasser, removing and reinstating common law and statutory defenses, and determining who is a landowner and when the landowner’s duty is nondelegable.

Lasater & Martin’s practice is to place experienced, knowledgeable attorneys in a position to aggressively defend our clients to a successful resolution in this constantly changing legal environment.