Government Entity Defense

Government Entity Defense Lasater & Martin’s attorneys have been involved in the successful defense of municipalities, counties, special districts and government employees both in Colorado’s state courts and in the U.S. District Court of Colorado. Cases in which our attorneys have successfully defended governmental entities, both in pretrial discovery and at trial, have included First Amendment claims of infringement of the right to free speech, Substantive Due Process claims, Procedural Due Process claims, disciplinary actions, excessive use of force claims, searches and seizures, and land use development claims including unconstitutional takings.

Our work includes an appellate practice, as well, with a number of published decisions in the Colorado Court of Appeals and Colorado Supreme Court involving the defense of government entities, as well as cases before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our experience in defending claims under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act includes work beginning in the early 1990’s with several of the first Trinity Broadcasting hearings and appellate work regarding the scope of immunities available to a governmental actor and entity. Further, our practice group has successfully represented government employees through qualified immunity defenses and a variety of individualized claims including excessive use of force claims, claims of substantive due process violations, and selective prosecution claims.