Clergy Misconduct Claims and Church Liability Defense

Clergy Misconduct Claims and Church Liability Defense The attorneys at Lasater & Martin have extensive experience in defending the unique claims that face churches, synagogues, religious schools, day care facilities, and other religious organizations and nonprofits. We have developed an expertise in defending claims involving misconduct against pastors, youth leaders, and other staff members. We also have experience in providing legal counsel to religious groups for the day-to-day activities presented by a changing legal environment.

The issues presented to church bodies differ significantly from other groups in Colorado and can include a diverse variety of issues distinct to a religious organization, such as hiring, employment claims, the mandatory duty to report allegations of misconduct and safe environment policies. Unique legal issues can also involve First Amendment rights, the separation of Church and State, and defending discrimination claims based upon religious expression. This specialized knowledge, combined with a long history of trying cases in the Colorado state courts and the federal courts in Colorado and Wyoming, provides a strong backdrop to our firm’s legal representation.

Given Lasater & Martin’s experience in these areas of church and religious defense work, our attorneys are also available to assist in drafting safe environment policies, providing seminars to Church leadership, and consulting with organization leaders in Colorado.