Insurance Coverage, Bad Faith Litigation and Claim Disputes

Insurance Coverage, Bad Faith Litigation and Claim Disputes The attorneys at Lasater & Martin lead the industry in their understanding of insurance coverage and insurance policy construction and administration. We are proud to serve as coverage counsel to several preeminent multistate insurance companies who strive to stay apprised of the law relating to their industry and to provide top-quality services to their insureds. Lasater & Martin routinely helps insurers navigate the complicated regulatory schemes and legal precedent governing insurance policies and coverage disputes.

Colorado law allows specific statutory and common law causes of action against insurers. An insurer can be liable under the “bad faith” statutes and under common law for a wide variety of conduct which may be considered bad faith. The remedy for these types of actions can include two times the delayed or denied claim benefit plus attorneys’ fees and costs.

Because of the gravity of the damages available for bad faith claims, carriers need to be aware of the most recent coverage and bad faith legal precedent when making policy decisions and handling claims. Lasater & Martin understands that reasonable disputes related to coverage are an important part of the insurance industry. While handling claims, we recommend that you consult with our experienced attorneys to ensure that you are not exposing your organization to a possible bad faith claim.

Whether it is a commercial general liability policy or an auto policy, the attorneys at Lasater & Martin have a comprehensive understanding of the coverages, endorsements, and exclusions that make up insurance policies and are able to help you make all of your coverage and claims-handling decisions with confidence.